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Experience Matters: The Nationwide Legacy

At Nationwide, we aim to add value to trucking companies and to semi-trailer manufacturers and dealers. We are committed to your success, but know that can only happen with experience and hard work!  Founded in 1984 Nationwide Equipment was founded in 1984 by Bernie...

How Long Does it Take to Move a Trailer?

In the Trucking Industry, Timing and Efficiency are Everything We understand the importance of a timely delivery in the trucking industry. At Nationwide, we work to help keep you moving and your trailer pools balanced. We set a high standard for delivery times on...

2021/2022 Market Outlook

A Surge in Trailer Orders Reflects Rosy Outlook for 2021 and Beyond 2020 was a tough year. The pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty in many aspects of life, including the trucking industry. However, we are hopeful because the outlook for the 2021/2022 market is...