Committed to Excellence

At Nationwide, we are aiming to add as much value to trucking companies, semi-trailer manufacturers/dealers, and any company that needs to reposition dry vans or reefers.

Our Legacy

  • Founded by Bernie Eggers in 1984
  • Bernie grew up in the trucking business. Trucking was all that he ever did. He loved it
  • Worked for a trucking company. Navajo Freight lines in the 60’s
  • Worked for Timpte Trailer Mfg. in the late 70’s and early 80’s
  • Formed Nationwide in 1984 with one small office, a typewriter, and a pile of yellow legal pads. (to show elementary beginnings to the robust business that it is today)
  • Unfortunately, we lost our dedicated founder in 2016

Progression to who we are today

Troy Eggers, President and owner, believes that Nationwide is only as good as the people that it employs, the customers that it serves, and the vendors that we work with. We have had very little turnover in our history.  We believe in taking good care of people.  If we do, they take good care of us!.  We have been fortunate to have such dedicated employees! Nationwide’s employees have an incredible work ethic. We service the entire continent of North America so we are up early and we stay late to service both coasts and everyone in between. We are committed to integrity, honesty, and good old fashioned hard work!

Our team

Troy Eggers

Troy Eggers

President & Owner

Troy serves as the Owner, President, and General Manager of Nationwide. He oversees all aspects of company business including Sales, Operations, Marketing, IT, A/P, A/R, CFO. Troy began at Nationwide in 1988. Like Bernie, trucking is all he ever knew! Troy’s main challenge in the early days was to bring Nationwide up to date in terms of modern technology. Nationwide, like most small family-owned businesses in the 80’s, did everything by hand in the early days. It was clear that technology needed to be harnessed to maximize our efficiency for our customer and carrier bases.  Today, our processes have been streamlined!  Data entry happens once. Automation then takes over. We are streamlined. We are efficient. We are transparent to customers and carriers. Troy loves the challenge of small business! His goal is to create value for trucking companies and trailer manufacturers throughout North America. He strives to build a better company daily by challenging the team to be better in terms of communication, integrity, and honesty. His direct number is 720.940.7651 or email is below.
Steve Morwood

Steve Morwood

VP of Sales

Steve Morwood was hired on 8/1/2001.  Steve is Troy’s brother in law:  married to Troys youngest sister Kamee.  Steve graduated from Point Loma Nazarene with a BA in Physical Education. He also holds a master’s degree from PLNC in Education Administration.  After graduating, he lived in Germany for one year working on a US Military base. Steve started from the bottom at Nationwide as all employees do. He grew to become the operations manager. It was apparent that his real strengths were in the area of sales.  Today Steve serves as the VP of Sales for Nationwide. He is great at what he does!  He can handle sales and any operational issue that arrises! His direct number is 720.940.7244 or email is below.
Brent Ebbs

Brent Ebbs

VP of Operations

Brent has worked for Nationwide since November of 2005.  Brent and Troy grew up together. Brent is like family! Our families have known one another since the late 70’s.  Brent has a BA in Agricultural Business from Colorado State University. He owned his own business for years before deciding to join Nationwide in 2005. He is outstanding at what he does!  He currently serves as the VP of Operations for Nationwide. He can handle any operational or sales issue that comes up. He is meticulous, honest, and full of integrity! Call him for any operational or sales issue that you have.  His direct number is 720.988.0872 or email below.
Rick Stimmler

Rick Stimmler

Operations Manager

Rick has worked for Nationwide since 2016. He and Troy attended Arvada West High School together graduating in 1986. Rick served in the Navy from 1988 to 1992. Rick filled an important operational void for Nationwide. He has grown to become the Operations Manager for Nationwide. He is integral when it comes to all operational issues including trailer delivery confirmation, breakdown assistance, damage claim settlement, trailer tracking, and much much more. Again, Rick has an incredible work ethic and integrity! He is a valuable member of the Nationwide team. His direct number is 720.352.4929 or email below.

Part-time family members

Many family members are also very important and worth mentioning. Seasonal work, data entry, etc must be done. Troy’s kids, Luke, Taylor, Emilie as well as his sister, Kamala, have and are involved on a regular basis to assist with these needs.


Nationwide knows how critical and time-sensitive the trailer movement process needs to be! Nationwide also knows how vital trailer pool optimization is for trucking companies! We have been in business for over 35 years. Our employees have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. We are always learning! Success depends on us expanding our knowledge. Expanding our capacity to move trailers safely and efficiently. We are harnessing technology to become smarter!


Nationwide believes in harnessing technology. It is a part of who we are. We have spent the last several years developing a cloud-based tracking system and database. This technology gives us the ability to increase our capacity. It is also our goal to become transparent to the customers that we serve and the trucking companies that we supply trailers too.


As mentioned above, Nationwide is only as good as the customers that it serves and the trucking companies that pull trailers for us. We have spent 35 years forging relationships with all of our customers and our vendors. It is our goal to meet every one of them face to face! In the last few years, we have increased our travel budget with the goal of putting a face with a name. It has been so good to finally meet in person those that we have dealt with for years! We value people!  We are proud members of the Truckload Carrier Association and the National Trailer Dealers Association. We will continue to be faithful to our trusted contacts. We will consistently be seeking out new Relationships in an effort to serve as many people as we can.

Let’s Keep Moving!

We are currently moving trailers with over 1500 trucking companies all over the U.S. and Canada. And, we look forward to helping you as well.