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One-Way Trailer Moving

Benefits of Our One-way Trailer Program 

  • Say yes to excess freight demand by having use of our available dry vans and refrigerated trailers
  • Build trailer pools at customer sites as you win new contracts
  • Use one-way trailers inbound to areas that have too many of your own excess, unused trailers to get them back to more lucrative markets
  • Bringing on new drivers? Generate revenue by having them load a one-way trailer to get them to their desired location.
  • Do you experience seasonal freight demand? Be ready for your upcoming “busy” season by utilizing one-way equipment
  • Never bobtail again! It is a nasty word in our business. We canprovide you with dry vans and reefers almost anywhere in North America

How It Works

  • It all starts with a need: you win a new contract or gain a new customer, you have your own new trailers to pick up, you lose a customer, and need to clean up a trailer pool. Christmas freight is starting and you need additional trailers to load to meet freight demand. Double up on your capacity by loading and railing your own trailers and then loading our one-way equipment over the road.
  • Communicate your upcoming needs by calling, emailing, texting, or logging in to our website.
  • If we cannot immediately get you covered, a need goes into our system and the nationwide team starts actively trying to find trailers that will work for your objective.
  • We will find you the closest possible lane and trailer type for what is needed.
  • If we find a match and a deal is reached, simply begin picking up trailers within 48 hours of the commitment. Load them as direct as possible to the agreed upon destination (within 14 days of pickup or sooner please). Empty them and turn them in. Obtain a proper delivery receipt for proof of delivery and that the trailer is in good condition. Problem solved! Your trucks are now where you need them and you have generated revenue for your company with the freight that you loaded.
One-Way Trailer Moving

Let’s Keep Moving!

We are currently moving trailers with over 1500 trucking companies all over the U.S. and Canada. 

We look forward to helping you as well.


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