Client Portal Access


We strive to provide updates each week on every trailer that we are pulling for our customers. Our primary way of informing customers on their trailers in-route is by email, twice a per week. The portal, now adds additional transparency, once you log in, for getting the most recent status and ETAs any time you want.

Customers can use our interactive map to view Nationwide’s needs system-wide.  Our customers like to see what our capacity is out of certain states or regions when it comes to purchasing decisions. They often need to know if we can move equipment if they decide to buy trailers in specified regions.

Trailer Relocation Clients

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Customers can download paperwork to use to receive a trailer on just in case drivers show up with no paperwork.

Trucking Companies

Several of our most strategic trucking company vendors like our system because they can log in to enter their current trailer status’ and locations along with pickup date, eta dates, etc.  They are able to upload their POD’s directly into the system to close their trailers out directly without having to receive calls from us.

Trucking companies also need to have an up-to-the-minute status report on what trailers we have available for them to load out on a one-way basis. Using the interactive map, they can search for trailers from a particular state to see all lanes and groups that we have. Or they can choose to view data by a destination state to show all equipment inbound to a certain state or region.

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Trucking companies also can see all open orders, download the trailer paperwork needed to obtain clear pickup and delivery instructions along with PODS that can be used to check trailers in our out at origin or destination.