An Overview of Optimal Top Seasons For Hauling Freight & Trailers

Moving trailers is a process that appears quite simple, but in fact, can be extremely complex. We work hard to make sure that it is a process that is seamless for the customers and for the trucking companies. 

What are Load Out Moves?

Load out moves are situations where we match freight that needs to be hauled with a trailer that has to go in the same direction. By doing so, a customer needing the trailer can make money while moving the trailer. Traditional models focused on simply driving the trailer to its destination, often making for a more streamlined move, but one that isn’t efficient at all. Why move an empty trailer when you can haul freight in it at the same time and get everything to its final destination at the same time? Makes sense, right?!

Trailer moving with a load out model is often preferable because it lowers the costs associated with moving trailers. However, the freight needs are not always directly in line with the trailer moving needs. Over the years, one of the biggest questions we get is when is best to do a load out move? While there are no perfect answers, we have seen some cyclical patterns in trucking that can help you understand the best times for these matches to occur. 

The freight market is actually very traditional and follows many common patterns you find in retail and life in general. Nothing we’re about to say is really rocket science, but understanding these basics can help you out a ton! 

Spring to Action For Hauling Freight & Moving Trailers!

New models of trailers typically come out in the spring, which means that starting in February, we have a huge influx of new trailers that need to make it to all parts of the country. This works well, as there is typically a lot of freight that can be moved and therefore the option for a load-out move is very high. It’s a great season for people hauling freight to find trailers that can move their loads. This pattern often continues all the way into mid-summer around the end of June. 

Holiday Slow-Downs

We typically see a slight slow-down in July, similar to how we see things slow down a little right after the Christmas holiday. Perhaps people are just celebrating Christmas in July?! Either way, we do typically see a slight decrease in freight and trailers needing to move for a little bit in the peak of summer. 

Fall Into Trailer Hauling

While we may experience that short moment to catch our breath, we often need it because as soon as people start to focus on back-to-school, there is simply a lot more to move. Lots of shopping between college dorm rooms and back-to-school supplies start flooding stores and all of that needs to get moved from state to state. Blink just once and we’re already thinking about candy for Halloween, food fixings for Thanksgiving, and all of the retail goodies for Christmas. It’s a flurry of activity from late summer into the holiday season. 

A good rule of thumb is to think through cyclical patterns of consumer behavior and retail. Any big peaks of shopping tend to produce major freight hauling needs. In turn, we can often find great options for load out trailer hauling that can save money and keep the local economies moving. 

Load out trailer movement is a great option for so many reasons, but it is important to realize that there are some times of the year when it is much easier to find freight to pair with your trailer. Obviously, we work year-round, so just because it’s a slower time does not mean that it’s impossible. Just realize that it might take a little more work or time to find the right match. Those who are willing to trust Nationwide Equipment Control, will find a great fit with a trucking company who we trust and know.