Load-Out vs. Tow-Away Rates Plus Our Commitment to Excellence

In the trucking industry, we understand how important value is. That is why we know that load-out is a cost-effective solution for your business! To understand this, let’s take a look at the cost breakdown of tow-away versus load-out services. 

Tow-Away: What is it and What is the Cost?

Tow-away is simply when a company or driver is hired to relocate an empty trailer. Coordinating tow-away is predictable and simple. However, the rates can run anywhere from $1.95 per mile to $2.25 per mile, depending on the time of year and the lane. Sometimes we even need to charge two-way miles if we don’t have a trailer for backhaul. This can become very costly for our customers. 

Load-Out: What is it and What is the Cost?

Load-out is when goods are hauled inside of a trailer that is being moved. This means matching up freight with an empty trailer and a trucking company to move goods and relocate the trailer. While this process is a bit more complex, Nationwide has been perfecting this well-timed dance for 36 years! The load-out process can also save your business lots of money! We are often able to load out trailers for 0.25 to 0.50 cents per mile; that’s a huge cost difference! 

Reputation Matters!

We understand how valuable your freight or your trailer is and that is why Nationwide thoroughly vets all of the vendors and companies we work with. We use only high-quality, trusted companies to move freight and relocate trailers. Everyone we work with is as committed to good communication as Nationwide is, ensuring transparency in the process. We have an up-to-date insurance certificate on file for every trucking company we work with. We also provide our own insurance to our customers for additional security. 

The Nationwide Legacy

Nationwide was founded in 1984 by Bernie Eggers. He grew up in the trucking industry and loved it! However, he saw a need that he could fill in the trucking industry and so, Nationwide was formed! We started with a stack of yellow legal pads, a typewriter and a landline. Today, Nationwide harnesses the power of technology to increase our capacity and provide more information and transparency to the customers we serve and the trucking companies we supply trailers to. 

The Nationwide Commitment to Excellence

Since our founding, Nationwide has been committed to great communication, integrity and honesty. Those qualities are the foundation of who we are as a company and are held by each and every one of our team members. Beyond that, our entire team has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and know-how to better serve our clients and the trucking industry at large. We also value relationships and have spent the last 36 years forging great relationships with everyone we work with.
We look forward to working with and serving you! Contact us today to learn more.