What is Load-Out and Why it Can Add Value to Your Business!

Serving the trucking industry is in our DNA! That is why here at Nationwide, we work hard to bring value to the trucking industry each day through the work we do. One of our most valuable services for our clients is load-out trailer relocation. 

What is Load-Out Trailer Relocation?

Load-out allows our clients to relocate their trailers in a more cost-effective manner. Load-out is when goods are being hauled inside a trailer that needs to be relocated. While this process has a few more moving parts than tow-away, Nationwide has spent 36 years perfecting the process! The parts involved in this process include:

  • Some of the largest truckload and less than truckload companies in the country
  • Tow-away companies
  • Local cartage companies in most metropolitan areas
  • Shippers responsible for the freight end
  • Consignees that are receiving the freight that is loaded on the trailers
  • And Nationwide, who coordinates the entire process!

Our team is excellent at vetting its carriers and everyone involved is committed to excellence and solid communication during the entire process. The most important communication is handled through the Nationwide team directly.

Why We LOVE Load-Out Trailer Relocation!

We love load-out trailer relocation for many reasons. We believe it brings great value to the trucking industry! While it is more simple to move an empty trailer from point A to point B, load-out trailer relocation allows customers tremendous cost savings in the process. Nationwide does our best to provide as close to tow-away service at load-out prices! We love to serve our customers by helping them get their trailers moved while also helping trucking companies optimize their trailer pools. We understand that seasons change and so does freight! That is why our goal with load-out is to help you keep your freight and trailer pools balanced and moving in a lucrative direction! 

The Nationwide Legacy and Promise

Nationwide was founded by Bernie Eggers in 1984. He grew up in the trucking business, but he saw a need in the trucking industry to help coordinate all of the different moving parts in a more cost-effective manner for everyone! Nationwide started in a small office with a typewriter, landline and a pile of yellow legal pads. 

Today, Nationwide has harnessed the power of technology to help us continue to serve our clients in the best and most effective way possible! Our cloud-based tracking system and database allows us to increase our capacity and give our clients and customers more transparency. 

Beyond the new technology, our entire team is knowledgeable about the trucking industry. We understand how time sensitive this industry is and everyone on our team knows the ins and outs of every part of the business, so no matter who you speak with, you know you are getting correct and timely information! 

Through the years, one thing has not changed and that is our commitment to you! We believe that Nationwide is only as good as the people we employ, the customers we serve, and the vendors we work with. Our team has an incredible work ethic and we are committed to integrity, honesty and good old fashioned hard work! 
Contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your trailer pools balanced and lucrative!