What You Can Anticipate for the Year Ahead

The pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty in 2020 for the trailer moving and transportation industry. We saw a lot of disruption in the normal supply chains last year; however, this year’s market outlook for our industry is much more positive.

Looking Ahead

Though it looks like it may take some time to get back to normal, we are seeing some positives for 2021. Disruption to the supply chain markets in 2020 was caused by an increased demand for consumer goods. This created a backlog that we find ourselves still playing catch up with in 2021. Because of this need, new trailer orders have greatly increased for this year, with many fleets ordering their equipment for nearly the entire year. These conditions are based on our new normal and current unique conditions. We do expect this to resolve a bit more in 2022. 

Despite this, we expect 2021 to be a near-record year, which bodes very well for 2022 as things continue to balance out. While we don’t know exactly what this balance will look like, we do expect there to be a need to rebalance at a higher level.

Let’s Keep Moving!

This increased need to relocate dry vans and refrigerated trailers poses a delicate balancing act for your trailer pools. At Nationwide, that is what we do best! We are here to serve your dry van and refrigerated trailer relocation needs. We are here to help and you can count on us for a timely response, accurate information and great customer service. Our vast network of companies means that if you have a trailer you need to move, we can help in a pinch! 

We encourage carriers to please continue to view our list for one way trailer opportunities to help optimize your trailer pools!

Our Legacy

Nationwide was founded in 1984 after Bernie Eggers saw a need to help coordinate and optimize trailer pools. He grew up in the trucking industry and passed on his love for the business to his son, Troy, who now heads up the company. Each day, Troy strives to build a better company by challenging his team to be committed to outstanding communication, integrity and honesty. 

The Nationwide Difference

Our team of dedicated employees are hardworking and knowledgeable in all aspects of the company. This means they work hard to ensure your success and that your question is answered no matter who picks up the phone! Our entire team works hard to build relationships with all of our clients and vendors because we value people. And if there is a problem, we promise to always communicate openly and honestly and we work until it’s made right. Integrity, transparency and good communication is the cornerstone of our company. 

Moving Forward Together

Do you need help balancing your trailer pools? Nationwide is here to help! Our vast network of companies and cloud-based tracking system and database means we provide top-shelf service to the trucking industry and can solve any trailer relocation project you may have. We are committed to integrity, honesty and good, old fashioned hard work because your success means our success! Contact us today to let us know how we can help serve you.