At Nationwide, we aim to add value to trucking companies and to semi-trailer manufacturers and dealers. We are committed to your success, but know that can only happen with experience and hard work! 

Founded in 1984

Nationwide Equipment was founded in 1984 by Bernie Eggers. Bernie grew up in the trucking business and he loved what he did. In the 60s, he worked for Navajo Freight lines and in the 70s and early 80s he worked for Timpte Trailer Manufacturing. Bernie saw a need in the trucking industry to help coordinate the relocation of semi-trailers, and so Nationwide was born. It started in a small office with a phone, typewriter and a pile of yellow legal pads. 

Today, Nationwide is headed up by Bernie’s son, Troy, who strives each day to build a better company. Nationwide has grown from a small office with yellow legal pads to an office of dedicated employees utilizing the technology of today to better serve our clients. Nationwide recently developed a cloud-based tracking system and database. This technology gives us the ability to increase our capacity and transparency, and to help our clients even more. Nationwide currently has over 600 trailers on the road at any given time.

Dedicated Employees

Beyond the technology, we believe that our company is only as good as the people it employs. We are proud to have had little turnover in our company history, which means our employees are long term and here to stay. We believe that if we take good care of people, they take good care of us! Our dedicated team is on point and works hard to ensure that every T is crossed and every I is dotted. Their incredible work ethic means they are committed to your success. We wake up early and stay late to service both coasts and everyone in between. Please reach out directly to Troy Eggers, Steve Morwood, Brent Ebbs, or Rick Stimmler for help on any trailer relocation project that might arise.

Our Knowledge

At Nationwide, we understand just how critical and time-sensitive the trailer movement process is and how vital trailer pool optimization is for trucking companies! We’ve been in the trucking business for over 35 years and our amazing team of dedicated employees has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. We strive to ensure that each employee understands every aspect of the sales and operations process so that no matter who you talk to, you get the same steady, reliable answers that you need. We are also constantly expanding our knowledge base to improve our work because when we are successful, you are successful! 

The Nationwide Difference

Above all, our relationships with our clients and industry partners is of the utmost importance. We are only as good as the customers we serve and the trucking companies who pull trailers for us. We have spent over 35 years forging relationships with all of our customers and vendors. This means that we have taken the time to find and work with only the most reputable vendors to ensure everyone’s success. 

What helps build successful relationships with our customers and vendors is our commitment to outstanding communication, integrity and honesty. You can count on us for a fast response, accurate information and clear communication every time. If there is a problem, we work hard until it gets fixed because we value people and make your needs a priority. 

Let’s Keep Moving Together!

We are here to help solve your seasonal trailer shortages and to keep your trailer pools balanced. We are currently moving dry vans and refrigerated semi-trailers with over 1,500 trucking companies all over the U.S. and Canada and relocate trailers for 300 individual trailer manufacturers, dealers, leasing companies and used equipment businesses. We look forward to helping you and serving you with outstanding communication, integrity and pride. Contact us today to let us know what your needs are!