How Nationwide Equipment’s Cloud Database Helps Keep You Moving Forward

In any industry, but particularly the trucking and trailer industry, time is money and that means detailed logistics information is of the utmost importance. Here at Nationwide Equipment, we understand how critical and time-sensitive the trailer movement process needs to be and that is why we’ve looked to the power of technology to improve logistics information for us and our clients!

The Nationwide Story

Nationwide has been serving the trucking and trailer relocation industry since its founding in 1984. Nationwide began in a small office with a typewriter, a pile of yellow legal pads and a landline phone. We’ve come a long way since those early days. Today, we are a team of dedicated 

employees who work hard and harness the power of technology to improve the information our clients receive! 

Cloud-Based Data Brings You Real-Time Logistics

We have spent the last several years developing a cloud-based tracking system and database. This technology gives us the ability to increase our capacity, which means that we can do more for you! 

While our customers are provided with a minimum of two updates a week on every trailer via email on current locations, freight plans, ETAs, etc., our customers can now also access our cloud database for real-time information. This database information adds additional transparency, giving you the most recent status and ETAs any time you want. This up-to-date information, especially that on capacity by region or states, can also help customers when making purchasing decisions. 

Our trusted trucking companies can use the TRAILER LINK to see a real-time view of what we all have to move system wide. This information can be filtered in many different ways, allowing them to find the trailers they need. These filters include, but are not limited to, origin state, destination state, new/used and trailer type. Trucking companies also have the ability to log in to the cloud database to see all current trailers in route, download trailer information sheets and much more. 

The Nationwide Promise

The entire Nationwide team has an incredible work ethic and we are committed to ensuring that your business is successful! We take pride in what we do each and every day and you can count on us for fast, reliable and accurate information! Our new cloud database helps to fulfill that promise to you, allowing you to have access to important information when you need it, any time of the day! It also brings additional transparency to our business, helping us keep our commitment to integrity and honesty. 

Let’s Get Moving Together!

Are you a customer or trucking company we work with and would love access to our cloud database? Please inquire by using our online contact form or contacting one of our dedicated employees by email or phone (listed below).