Holiday Shipping OutlookTight Capacity Creates Favorable Pricing, Growth Opportunities for Efficient Trucking Operations

Tight capacity has created a favorable pricing environment for freight brokers and truckers, Supply Chain Digest reports. Those who can leverage technology and operational efficiency to increase capacity are well positioned to gain a strategic advantage moving forward. As the capacity shortage continues to challenge supply chains, players who are in a position to help shippers and receivers are better positioned than ever to add incremental value. FULL STORY

Holiday Shipping Outlook: Holiday Shipping Deals May Force Retailers to Lock in Freight Capacity

What’s the latest in the holiday shipping outlook? Offering free shipping to sweeten online holiday deals and spur sales may force retailers to order shipping capacity now so they can meet demand, reports. FULL STORY

Internet Controlled Engines the Future of Trucking?

Daimler Trucks North America, or DTNA, is using the Internet to take some of the maintenance and service uncertainty out of trucking, the Harvard Business Review reports. The largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America, DTNA released a service called Virtual Technician to help existing drivers while also enabling new business models and revenue streams. According to CIO Dieter Haban, whose team identified the idea and led product development, “the innovation combines telematics, mobility, central mission control, big data analytics, and a seamless process from the truck to the driver, fleet manager, and ultimately to an authorized service outlet.” FULL STORY

Shipping Snapshots

Tonnage Index Rises 4.5%

Truck tonnage rose 4.5% in October from a year ago and reached the second-highest level on record, American Trucking Associations reported.

2014 Truck Sales Continue to Climb

This year’s surge in Class 8 sales continued in October as they jumped 22.5% from a year earlier to 22,032 units, the highest monthly total in almost eight years, reported.

Diesel Drops 3.3¢ to $3.628; Gas Plunges 7.3¢ to Four-Year Low

Diesel fell 3.3 cents to $3.628 a gallon, a half-cent above the 3½ year low level of three weeks ago, the Department of Energy reported Nov. 24.




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