Trucking Industry Success

Finding trucking industry success is not a mistake and surprisingly doesn’t always require that you understand trucks and trailers at all. Sometimes it’s the basics that can help you succeed in this industry. As we explore other business basics, today we’re talking about business courtesies and how they can help you find success in the trailer moving and transportation industry. 

Business Courtesies: Not Just for “Good Ol’ Boys” Anymore

The debut of our real business series is a frank discussion of business courtesies, which range from things like gift baskets and business meals to golf outings, sporting events, fishing charters and more.

Mention business courtesies to 10 people and, like as not, nine of them will wink and nod knowingly, implying that they’re just an excuse for “good ol’ boys” to play golf on company time. With a few unfortunate and distasteful exceptions, this is a cliche’d misconception.

“Here’s the bottom line: A business courtesy must never be exchanged for anything, especially unfair advantage over competition. Period.”

Strong Relationships, Strong Business, Satisfied Customers

Business courtesies, properly employed, provide opportunities to build business relationships based on shared values and objectives. They enable business associates to amass goodwill and build trust, both of which are priceless in today’s competitive business world.

When you build strong business relationships based on shared values, trust and goodwill, your business and that of your associates grow stronger. In turn, this enables you to deliver increasing value to your customers. Truly, everybody wins.

Trucking Industry Success

Business courtesies are like golf: Have fun and play fair.

Fun Is Not Wrong

Also, your business is a big chunk of your life. How dismal would it be if business was always separate from pleasure? So, finally, we submit that it’s ok for business to be a pleasure. Just make sure you follow the rules.

The Rules of the Road

Your company and the companies you do business with almost certainly have rules or guidelines for giving and accepting business courtesies. They’re in place to protect the company from legal risk from conflicts of interest, market manipulation and other dishonest practices by employees. Most companies clearly define business courtesies, when it’s ok or not ok to give or accept them, how much value is ok to give or receive and other details.

The Spirit of the Rules

But if you understand the spirit of rules regarding business courtesies, you’ll have no problem staying out of trouble. Here’s the bottom line: A business courtesy must never be exchanged for anything, especially unfair advantage over competition. Period.

Keep that in mind, make sure you know your company’s limits, and have fun. Trust us, it’ll be good for everyone involved, including your customers.