Ensuring Cost-Effectiveness for the Trailer Sales and Manufacturing Industry

Seasons change. Freight lanes change. Trucking companies win new contracts and need to build trailer pools throughout their network. Trailer dealers buy and sell trailers and need them relocated from point A to point B. Nationwide Equipment understands all of these issues. Luckily, we can help solve all of these problems!

Here at Nationwide, we believe in adding as much value as possible to trucking companies, semi trailer manufacturers and dealers, and any company that needs to reposition dry vans or reefers. And while tow away is more simple, load out moves are actually a better option. Here’s why.

What is Load Out?

First, let’s take a look at what load out is. Load out is when goods are hauled inside of a dry van or refrigerated trailer that is being relocated. While load out is a bit more complex than tow away because of the level of coordination involved, it is a great option because of the value it adds. 

Why Load Out is Valuable to the Trucking Industry

When you have a trailer you need to relocate, it makes sense to do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. While it is easier to move an empty van or reefer from point A to point B, it just isn’t very cost effective. This is why load out is a good option and why we encourage customers to let us load trailers due to the tremendous cost savings! We specialize in load out services via road and rail, matching trucks to available trailers throughout North America. This helps trucking companies optimize your trailer pool, whether you have gained new accounts or are working with the change in freight over the seasons. 

Who is Involved in the Load Out Process

Load out has a lot of moving parts including:

  • Some of the largest truckload and less than truckload companies in the country
  • Tow Away companies
  • Local Cartage companies in most metropolitan areas
  • Shippers responsible for the freight end
  • Consignees that are receiving the freight that is loaded on the trailers

This means that load out takes a bit of coordination. Our detail-oriented team of knowledgeable employees know the ins and outs of the trucking industry and we understand that good communication is part of ensuring that process runs smoothly. The most important communications are handled through the Nationwide team directly, with President Troy Eggers overseeing the entire process. 

The Nationwide Promise of Excellence

We believe that load out moves for trailer relocation add great value to the trucking industry, which is why we have been perfecting the process for over 35 years! Nationwide is more than up to the challenge of coordinating load out moves to help you relocate your vans and reefers more efficiently and more cost effectively. We are committed to excellence and understand that hard work, integrity, honesty, transparency and great communication are an essential part of the process. We work to ensure that your trailer or goods arrive on time and promise to communicate with you openly and honestly, working with you until a problem is solved or corrected. 

Our high standards also mean that we don’t just work with anyone. We only use thoroughly-vetted contracted carriers who are just as committed to excellent service and communication as we are! We do this through building relationships and weeding out the bad apples, leaving only the most reputable, quality contractors. Our goal is to not only increase your value, but to ensure you have a seamless load out process through our team’s hard work and dedication. 
Ready to add value to your trailer relocation with a load out move? Contact our team directly by phone at (800) 622.7737 or by email at operations@nationwide-equipment.com.