Trucking Exec Touts Industry Safety Record to Congress

In his address to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation subcommittee on surface transportation, Jim Mullen, executive vice-president and general counsel of Werner Enterprises, said, “The trucking industry is justifiably proud of its commitment to safety. These investments in safety have yielded impressive dividends for the industry. Over the past decade, the number of large truck-related fatalities has dropped 21% and the large truck fatality rate has dropped 37%,” truck reported. FULL STORY

Entrepreneurs Are Working to Uber-fy the Trucking Industry

In an industry that does hundreds of billions of dollars of business each year, making sure no trailers move empty is a lucrative goal. FULL STORY

The Sustainability Impacts of Fuel: Understanding the Impacts of Transportation Fuel for Trucking in North America

Regardless where you stand regarding climate change, it is prudent to stay apprised of developments that affect your industry. This is an issue that will affect the trucking industry for the foreseeable future. FULL STORY


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