How We Do What We Do

What we do is not simple. You can’t just go pick up trailer A and deliver it to location B. There are a lot of complex logistics we have to coordinate to make moving trailers and hauling freight run smoothly. Helping trucking companies optimize their trailer pools requires attention to detail and double checking all the finer points.

Our Experience Organizing Trailer Pools

Nationwide has been successfully working to organize trailer pools since 1984. Our company was founded by Bernie Eggers, who had a longtime personal background of working in the freight and trailer manufacturing business. Before he passed away, he passed on his love of logistics to his son, Troy, who now runs the company. Plus, most of our dedicated team includes longtime employees who have the experience and know what they are doing. 

Who We Need to Coordinate With to Haul Equipment and Freight

Helping you move trailers across the 48 contiguous states and Canada in a more cost effective way requires coordinating with a lot of different people. It is a sophisticated art form that requires a lot of communication. 

We have to coordinate with:

  • Multiple companies with multiple drivers and then figure out the transit time
  • Multiple tow away companies
  • Multiple cartage companies
  • The freight company that is loading the equipment so we know the load time and when the trailer will be ready to move
  • The consignees on the other end so we know when the trailer will be emptied

Accounting for the Freight Change with the Seasons

Not only that, but we also need to take into consideration the change in seasons and how that affects equipment and freight. New trailer models come out in the spring, so we are busy from the end of February through June with new equipment. Freight slows down in July but then when the fall comes, it picks back up in anticipation for the coming holiday season. We have to consider all of these aspects as well when coordinating with the different parties involved in the logistics of moving trailers and freight. 

Communication is Key

Coordinating all of these aspects is like choreographing a complex group dance! Through it all, communication is key on both sides! In order to figure out the logistics, we need to have open communication with all of the parties we must coordinate with. Our promise is to always communicate with you honestly, even about delays in freight or trailer delivery. 

Our Commitment to You

It’s hard work coordinating all of these moving parts, but we are up for the challenge. Our dedicated and efficient team are detail oriented and ready for anything. We pride ourselves in having common knowledge across the team so that if you have a question or concern, anyone on our team can get you the information you need. At Nationwide, it’s a family affair and our customers are part of the family. We are a small but mighty company that can deliver huge results with our vast network of connections and are ready to dig into the details to make your experience seamless.

Trailer Moving & Freight Hauling