What’s the Difference? 

At Nationwide, we are proud to provide value to the trucking industry through the work we do each and every day. Since our founding in 1984, we’ve been helping to coordinate the movement of trailers and goods around the country and in Canada, including both tow away and load out.

To understand the difference between tow away and load out, it’s important to first understand what each type of movement entails. Let’s take a look at what each term means and how that makes tow away and load out different. 

What is Tow Away?

Tow away is when we hire a company to relocate an empty trailer, driving it from one location to another. Coordinating a towaway is more predictable and like science. We know that if we hire a tow away company for $2.10 a mile and the driver picks up the trailer, the trailer will essentially deliver in the amount of time it takes the driver to drive from point A and point B.  Since no freight has been loaded it will look as close to new as possible.

What is Load Out?

Load out is when goods are hauled inside of a trailer that is being moved. Customers can save lots of money by allowing us to load freight on the trailer (in as direct a manner as possible).  Often we can load trailers for between 30 cents and 50 cents per mile (sometimes even cheaper!!)  Load-out-movement is a bit more complex because of the freight on the trailer.  However, Nationwide has spent 36 years perfecting this process!! The Nationwide team is excellent at vetting its carriers.  They are committed to excellence and solid communication when it comes to the load out process.

Who is involved in the load-out process?

The most important communications are handled through the Nationwide team directly.  Steve Morwood is the VP of Sales.  Brent Ebbs is the VP of operations.  Rick Stimmler is the operations manager.  Troy Eggers oversees the entire process.  The team can be reached at (800) 622-7737.  The group can be emailed at: operations@nationwide-equipment.com.  Nationwide uses thoroughly vetted contracted carriers only including:

  • Some of the largest truckload and less than truckload companies in the country
  • TOW-AWAY companies
  • Local Cartage companies in most metropolitan areas
  • Shippers responsible for the freight end
  • Consignees that are receiving the freight that is loaded on the trailers

What Makes Load Out So Valuable to the Trucking Industry?

While it is easier to move an empty trailer from point A to point B, it isn’t always very cost effective. We encourage customers to let us load the trailers due to the tremendous cost savings.  Nationwide then does our best to provide as close to tow away service at load-out prices!!

The Nationwide Promise

We are committed to not only bring value to the trucking industry, but to work diligently on your behalf to make sure that your trailer or goods arrive on time. We understand that you don’t last for long in any business unless you make integrity a key part of your business, which is why we always promise to communicate openly and honestly with you and to work with you until the problem is solved or corrected.

Over the past 35 years, Nationwide has worked hard to build relationships with all of our customers and vendors. Our high standards mean that we don’t just trust anyone with trailers. By building relationships, we’ve weeded out as many of the bad apples as we can so that we are only working with reputable, quality people that place the same value on communication and commitment that we do. 

Our company is family owned and our employees and clients are like family! Our expert team works hard each day to earn your trust and to ensure that every detail is worked through to ensure a seamless process for our clients!