Our Commitment to Safety and Communication

Nationwide was founded in 1984 and is a proud trucking family. Our whole team takes pride in our business and we are constantly striving to do our best and improve our services. Since our founding, safety has also been of the utmost importance to our company. We understand the importance of delivering trailers damage free for our customers. 

Our Work Ethic

We are a service-oriented company and our entire team is committed to adding as much value to the trucking industry as possible. Our employees are hardworking and detail-oriented, meaning you can count on us for a fast response, accurate information and clear communication. You can also count on our team to make safety a priority! 

Our Commitment to Safety

Our customers’ trailers are incredibly important to us. We are committed to safety and our company is about as safe as they come. We have spent years perfecting our process to deliver trailers as quickly and damage-free as possible. And our safety record proves that with 98 percent of the trailers we move arriving damage free. 

Reliable and Reputable Vendors

Because we are committed to your success, we have worked hard to weed out as many bad apples as possible. We only work with trustworthy vendors that have the same commitment to safety and communication that Nationwide has. When an issue arises, we know that we can count on our vendors to be as open and honest as we are. We trust and believe in our carrier network and we want you to as well. We have certificates, interchange agreements, safety records and more. But most importantly, we know the people we work with and trust in their commitment to safety. 

Communication is Key

Damage can and will happen in the trucking industry, that’s just life. But because we work with reliable vendors, we take pride in our stellar safety record and the fact that damage rarely happens on our watch. When the two percent of trailers do get damaged, we are committed to communicating honestly and openly with our customers. 

Our Promise to You

If damage happens, we promise to communicate and work with you until the problem is solved and you are taken care of. When a damage claim happens, we do everything the right way. We will get the documents signed properly and provide a fair estimate. We value our customers which means integrity is extremely important to our company and our entire team. 


We have been in the trucking industry for over 35 years. Since Nationwide’s founding, we have been committed to integrity, honesty and safety. Our company and the whole team want to provide you with the best and safest service possible at great pricing. Our attentive and detailed-oriented team values everyone we do business with and are dedicated to providing worth and excellence in the trucking industry. Integrity, honesty, transparency and a commitment to communication–that’s the Nationwide difference.