One-Way Trailer RelocationThe Entry Level Driver Training Advisory Committee began proceedings in its first meeting in Arlington, Va. late in February, Overdrive online reported. The ELDTAC is tasked with negotiating terms of a proposed rule-making for pre-CDL entry-level driver training requirements.

Spare Yourself the Regulatory Headaches

You’re trying to stay nimble, be ready for anything, including possible new rules setting pre-CDL license training requirements that could suddenly figure into the costs of getting equipment where you need it, when you need it there.

One-way trailers can be part of the solution, enabling you to avoid many equipment maintenance, storage, insurance, financing and other fleet-related costs. Your operation will be leaner, enabling you to maintain value and quality to your customers, no matter what comes your way,

Keep Your Shop Lean and Nimble With One-Way Trailers

Work smarter, not harder, and make more money. Make one-way trailers a part of your lean, mean shop. Meet twice the demand with half the headaches while thrilling your customers and fattening your margin. Contact Nationwide Equipment Control today.


Make One-Way Trailers Part of Your Equipment Strategy

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