What it Means for the Trucking Industry and How We Can Help

The new model year is here and we are beginning to see the 2022 models roll out and we couldn’t be more excited!  This time of year always has an impact on the trucking industry. But what exactly can it mean for you? And how can Nationwide Equipment help to serve you? Let’s dive into the specifics.

Positive Impact

Each year when the newest models of dry vans and refrigerated semi trailers come out, we always see lots of new lanes and trailers available for relocation. This is a good time to keep a close eye out on our one way trailer link (call Troy if you need to gain access 720.940.7651). 

How We Can Help with Trailer Relocation

Coordinating the movement of large volumes of trailers efficiently across the 48 contiguous states and Canada is where Nationwide Equipment comes in. We specialize in load out services via road and rail for dry vans and refrigerated trailers. Our goal is to help you optimize the relocation of your new dry vans and refrigerated trailers, making it more efficient and cost effective to move them across the country. We have been helping the trucking industry keep moving for over 30 years now, working to relocate dry vans and trailers for 300 individual trailer manufacturers, dealers, leasing companies and used equipment businesses! We understand just how critical and time-sensitive the trailer movement process is. Our employees have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and we are constantly expanding that knowledge base to help you relocate your vans and reefers safely and efficiently. 

Nationwide’s Legacy and Promise

We are proud of our 35 plus year legacy of providing value to trucking companies and trailer manufacturing businesses. We aim to help you reach your goals, whether that is moving goods or repositioning dry vans or reefers. Nationwide Equipment was founded by Bernie Eggers in 1984 when he saw a need in the trucking industry to coordinate the movement of goods and semis more efficiently and cost effectively. Since then, Nationwide has grown in many ways. We have moved from yellow legal pads and a typewriter to the sophisticated technology of the 21st century, including our new Cloud-based tracking services that help our clients even more. Our vast network of connections and knowledge on the trucking industry continues to grow each year, giving more value to all of our clients!

Troy Eggers, Bernie’s son and President of the company, believes Nationwide is only as good as the people it employs, the customers it serves and the vendors we work with. Our employees are dedicated with incredible work ethic. They make sure that every I is dotted and T is crossed, ensuring that you have a great experience with Nationwide. We understand that taking care of our clients means that they take care of us! And that means we always promise to be transparent and honest with you. We are committed to integrity, honesty and good old-fashioned hard work.
Ready to relocate dry vans or reefers? Nationwide Equipment can help! Contact us today to learn how we can help your continued success.