Understanding How We Determine Timelines for Hauling and Moving Semi-Trailers

We understand that our customers have demands and expectations; our goal is to meet or exceed those demands and expectations!! One of the most important aspects of our service to you is the commitment we make regarding the estimated time of delivery. When it comes to predicting that timeline of delivery for you, there are many different aspects we have to consider. 


One of the first things we have to consider in a delivery timeline estimate is whether cartage is involved. Many of the trailers we move come out of large metropolitan areas.  On occasion, however, we will need to hire cartage to get them into position to load.   A good example of this is the equipment that we move from San Diego.  We load a few trailers from San Diego but most of the time we have to dray them to Los Angeles as it is a far better freight market.   This entails hiring a cartage company to pull a trailer from San Diego to Los Angeles, which can add a day or two to transit time.

Load Time

Once a trailer has made it to the shipper (in Los Angeles as an example), it may sit in the yard for a couple of days before being loaded. This means that we are factoring in the number of days a trailer will sit in a yard plus the time it takes to load the trailer. 

Transit Time and Unload Time

Transit time will vary depending on how far the trailer has to travel. The longer the distance to the unloading destination, the longer the transit time! From there, unload time is generally a couple of days. All these days add up, but we’ve been in the trucking business for 35 years so we have a solid understanding of timeline estimates and our team will work closely with you to get a solid estimate. 

How We Handle Delays in Hauling and Moving Semi-Trailers

Delays are bound to happen; that is just how trucking works. We dislike delays just as much as you; however, our promise to you is that we will always communicate any delays honestly. One example of a delay can be a carrier having a freight shortage and they don’t load that week, though they have made a commitment. Another possible delay can be due to weather, causing an extension in transit time. 

Our Goal

From the time we have made a commitment to you, our goal is to start pickup within 24 to 48 hours. Then delivery time will be based on how long of a lane we are working with. We don’t like having trailers out for more than 14 days, though most are moved between five and seven days. 

There are a lot of moving parts (literally!) in our delivery estimates, however, we are more than up to the challenge! From getting the trailer to the shipper to its final destination, our dedicated and efficient team works hard to estimate the delivery timeline, track your delivery, and stay in communication with you about any delays so that your trucking operations continue to run smoothly!